Letter From Our Founder

Hi, I am Ben Kohler, President of Engineered Vintage LLC. We are an Oregon based manufacturer of high-quality accessories for vintage pickups. We are most known for our Behind Bumper Winch Mounts and Fabricated Aluminum Truck grilles, the “Grille AF”.

If you're like me, you yearn for a simpler time. Maybe your dad or grandpa had an old truck that you grew up in. Perhaps you now own that same exact truck and are working on restoring it. Or maybe you are trying to recreate that old truck with a different truck you've found. 

In any case, you know a truck is more than just a truck. It's way to travel back in time.  

Because of that, it's important to me that everything we make be of the highest quality. Our products are built to last the life of the truck — and then some. I know some of these old trucks live on as family heirlooms. 

I started Engineered Vintage because I love old trucks. I am a user of the products, not just a designer or a builder. I am making parts that I wanted for my trucks, and I hope you'll like them too.

 So tell me, what type of truck do you own? 

What can we build for you?