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"@engineered_vintage and @72ochre_cst killing it with this awesome service truck build."

Jake Brown on Instagram: Ben’s @engineered_vintage Beer Bottle Bronze K30… @c10talk Ronnie and NC Lu approved! @cusiosanchez …. “Yeaahhhhh it’s pretty cool!” And Some Van Hagar for Ronnie. #goldcitytrucks#67_72chevytrucks

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"I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for a set of real original tow hooks that won't break the bank forever. I found these American Made shackle hooks made by @engineered_vintage to do the job in the mean time! These things are awesome cause they are super beefy, pretty subtle, and they use the original tow hook bolt holes. Check him out, he makes’em for Squarebodys too!"

-Paul R (67-72 shackle brackets) @tawnkaa_truck on Instagram

"Saturday cruisin’ upcountry to the cane fields with both of my babies.#upcountry#maui#k5blazer#72k5blazer#k5@engineered_vintageshackle brackets for the win 🏆"

- @blazinmaui on Instagram

"Got [Winch Mount] installed, your kit works excellent. I’ll probably get another one from you for my K5 soon. Thanks again!"

- Dan (81-87 Behind Bumper Winch Mount) @painter_dan on Instagram

"The winch is now installed! Under bumper kit from@engineered_vintageand a Tractor Supply 9000 lb Traveller winch. My dad and I put this thing together and it was way easier than I thought. I had to shorten one bolt. It was harder to reinstall the crooked bumper then to bolt all the winch stuff on."

- @old_gmc_sierra on Instagram

"I just got my hooks today, well worth the wait! The craftsmanship is a solid 10! I am a retired welder/fabricator, and I considered just making my own - and I thought “no I don't wanna take an entire day out in my shop when I could just buy these that you had invested the time in”

my gut decision was right, I may also conclude that whoever you have doing the powder coating is superior! Keep doing what you are doing I will proudly forward to whomever asks about my hooks as to where to get them!"

- Fred H. (67-72 shackle brackets)