1967-1972 GM truck Behind Bumper Winch Mount (BBWM)

Choose with or without Engineered Vintage Shackle Brackets: $349 - BBWM no Shackle Brackets
Choose with or without license plate flip up bracket: $0 - without license plate flip
Sale price$349.00



Engineered Vintage's BBWM (Behind Bumper Winch Mount) for 67-72 trucks






Designed to fit foot down style winches (see below for more information on what winches that fit) and strengthen the front frame sections on these trucks with installation of an additional front cross-member

Designed by a gear head engineer for gear heads!  

This kit bolts in and has two different mounting configurations.   It can be mounted in “High Configuration” with winch line exiting through the bumper (requires cutting a hole in bumper) or “Low Configuration” with winch line exiting just underneath the bumper - requiring use of a hawse style fairlead.  And once installed you can change it anytime by unbolting it and flipping the kit into the other configuration!

Note that the winch mounts upside down in this kit - check with your winch manufacturer on capability of your model winch to be operated & installed upside down.   

The BBWM will BOLT into 69-72 4x4 GM trucks equipped with factory tow hooks or Engineered Vintage Shackle brackets and is compatible with 69-72 OEM hooks as well as Engineered Vintage Shackle brackets (sold separately.   Note there is a 10% auto-discount on 67-72 shackle brackets (non hardware) when purchased with a BBWM)

BBWM will also fit 69-72 2wd & 4x4 thttps://www.instagram.com/reel/CoRGNQrOsjI/?utm_source=ig_web_button_native_sharerucks that do not have factory tow hook holes - but drilling of frame holes is required  

BBWM will also fit 1967-68 trucks in both high & low configuration, but as the frames are slightly different on these trucks, installation requires removal of a factory frame rivet on each side and drilling holes into frame - kit will allow you to install 69-72 style hooks or the Engineered Vintage shackle brackets on your 67-68 truck. 

Special Note regarding 67-68 GM curved hooks:   As the 67-68 hooks have a different bolt spacing, drilling / modifications of BBWM frame brackets may be required if you run the 67-68 curved tow hooks or want to run these years of hooks someday (this is not covered in installation instructions yet - if you install a BBWM with curved hooks let us know - we would love to see it!)  


The BBWM Kit includes:

  • (1) Left Bracket in black powder coat finish
  • (1) Right Bracket in black powder coat finish
  • (1) Winch plate in black powder coat finish
  • (4) 1/4” spacers in black powder coat finish
  • Installation hardware
  • Installation instructions (online only)
  • Discount on 67-72 Engineered Vintage Shackle brackets (non-hardware / if purchased and shipped together with BBWM)
  • Discount on our popular license plate flip kit if purchased and shipped together with BBWM)

Not included:

  • Winch
  • Winch hardware
  • Winch fairlead
  • License plate relocation provision
  • Engineered Vintage Shackle Brackets (available separately - recommend ordering non-hardware version as BBWM hardware can mount both)



Installation considerations

Inspect truck frame before installing this kit.  Truck frame should be in good repair before installing.  Frames that have rust holes, been cut, modified, drilled (other than for factory tow hooks or to mount BBWM) or that have any other damage should be professionally inspected and repaired before installation of the Behind Bumper Winch Mount kit.   DO NOT INSTALL THE BBWM KIT ON TRUCKS WITH DAMAGED, CORRODED, BENT, OR HEAVILY MODIFIED FRAMES.  


What winches fit?

With the variety of winches available on the market today, note that not all winch combinations may work.  However, rest assured that the BBWM is designed to fit a wide variety of winches.   

Installer should consider how their particular winch will be operated once installed (how to reach winch controls once winch is mounted) and check with their winch manufacturer on capability of their particular winch being mounted and operated upside down.

The BBWM Kit is designed to mount feet down style winches with the common 10” x 4.5” bolt pattern.  For high mount configuration, the winch must fit between / inside frame rails of the truck (GM frame rails of this year are C shaped, with approx 24” between narrowest part, around 28” to inside of each frame rail, and about 4.5” in height.  The low mount configuration allows wider winches to be mounted.  

The BBWM Kit also has provisions to mount the older Badlands short drum winches (6K) with 6.5” x 4.5” pattern and also the WARN 6” x 4.5” bolt pattern used on their competition/short drum winches.  

The BBWM is not compatible with feet forward style mounted winches (will NOT fit the WARN 8274, M12000, M15000, M16.5T nor other style winches with feet forward mounts) 

Free shipping via UPS in lower 48 United States.  Additional fees for AK & HI & International.

Contact us with questions   :)


WARN winch fitment:
▪ VR EVO series will fit (8K, 10K & 12K lb)
▪ ZEON series require some frame trimming to fit (approx 3/4" in driver lower frame rail as winch is wide) (8K, 10K & 12K lb)

▪ 9.5XP will fit
▪ 9.5XP-S will fit
▪ 9.0RC will fit
▪ XD9 will fit
▪ XD9I will fit
▪ M8 will fit
▪ M8-S will fit
▪ HS9500i will fit
▪ 9.5ti will fit
▪ 9.5si will fit
▪ M10 will not fit

M12 will not fit
▪ M15 will not fit
▪ M16.5 & up will not fit
▪ M8274 & older M8074 will not fit
▪ Powerplant winches ("air compressor winch") fit – but check with
WARN on running it upside down
▪ WARN ATV winches will not fit

Harbor freight / BADLAND winches:
▪ Apex series will fit
▪ ZXR series will fit
▪ ZXR ATV winches will not fit

Smittybilt winches:
▪ Most X2O series will fit – except call for 15.5K and/or 17K
o Winch plate may need to be modified to accommodate winch depth
▪ Most XRC series will fit – except call for 15.5K and/or 17K
o Winch plate may need to be modified to accommodate winch depth
▪ Smittybilt ATV winches will not fit

Sherpa winches:
▪ Mustang 9.5K will fit
▪ Brumby 10K will fit
▪ Colt 12K will fit
▪ Mule 17K dual motor will not fit
▪ Steed 17K may fit (trimming of frame may be required)

▪ Stallion 25K will not fit
▪ Air compressor winch will not fit
▪ ATV winches will not fit
▪ Grunter Boat trailer winch will not fit

COMEUP Winches:
▪ Seal Gen2 Series will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 9.5rsi will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 9.5si will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 9.5i will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 12.5 will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 12.5s will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 12.5rs will fit
▪ GIO series will fit
▪ Seal Slim series will fit
▪ Seal Gen2 16.5 models will not fit
▪ Seal Gen2 20.0 models will not fit

COMEUP Winches, DV series:
▪ 12-light (and down) will fit
▪ Seal MadX series will fit
▪ Cap 9.0s will fit
▪ DV-12 will not fit
▪ DV-15 will not fit
▪ DV-18 will not fit
▪ Blazer M2 will not fit
▪ Blazer M3 will not fit
▪ Utility Duty winch series will not fit

Ramsey Winches
▪ Electric winches 12K capacity and down will fit
▪ Patriot 15000 will not fit
▪ Planetary Hydraulic Winches will not fit
▪ Worm Gear Winches will not fit

▪ SX10 will fit
▪ SX10SR will fit
▪ SX12 will fit
▪ SX12SR will fit
▪ Talon 9.5, 9.5SR, 9.5i, 9.5iSR, 12.5, 12.5R, 12.5SR will fit
▪ Tiger Shark 9500, 9500SR, 11500, 11500SR will fit
▪ Tiger Shark 13500, 15500, & 17500 will not fit
▪ Talon 18 models will not fit

TBD (reach out to us if you have a question on these or other brands)
▪ Mile Marker
▪ X-bull
▪ Rough Country
▪ Monster / Iron man
▪ Traveller



What winches fit? 

Please see our list of compatible winches (above)


Is drilling required?

No drilling is required for the 67-72 BBWM kit.  If mounting the kit in high configuration, cutting of the bumper to allow winch line to exit through bumper is required.  If mounting kit in low configuration, winch cable exits under the bumper and does not require cutting, but ground clearance is less (due to winch being closer to ground)


Will the WARN M10K, M12000, M15000, or M16.5ti work with this kit?

Please see our list of compatible winches (above)  Short answer is no

We recommend the WARN VR EVO, WARN ZEON, Smittybilt X20, or the Harbor Freight Badlands if you are wanting to run a 10K or 12K capacity winch

Check out our 'GOAT' front winch bumper if you are looking to run one of these heavy capacity winches on your 81-87/91 GM truck


Is this kit compatible with B52 front spring kit?

Yes - additional drilling is required in truck frame.  Additional grade 8 hardware may be required (not included)


Is this kit compatible with ORD steering brace kit?



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