67-72 behind bumper winch mount update

With the finalization of the 81-87 GM Shackle Bracket tow hooks (available March 26th or before) design focus has turned toward a behind the bumper winch mount for the 1967-1972 GM trucks.  

The intent of this design is to offer a straight forward behind the bumper winch mount for these trucks.  The hook will come out through the license plate area - which will require cutting a hole in the bumper as well as drilling holes to mount a roller or hawse style fairlead.  

Pictures show prototype 3D printed frame brackets, which will bolt into four places on each frame rail.  They will attach with (3) 5/8" diameter bolts & (1) 1/2" diameter bolt.  The 1/2" bolt will pass through the core support frame mount and on 4x4 trucks; also the outer bumper brace.  This setup will provide the ultimate solid mount for winching.  

Winch plate will mount across the frame, bolting to each frame bracket with (2) 1/2" bolts.  Winch will mount upside down.  

I anticipate this product to launch in late March/early April 2021.  Pricing TBD.

Thanks for the interest!

-Ben @ Engineered Vintage