1981-1987 Shackle Bracket Hooks  - When will they be done?  :)

Last Saturday I went to a friend’s house to potentially buy a tilt column for a 76 C10 project my son and I are working on together.  

I was talking with my friend about his 88 K5 he recently bought - it is a very clean rig.  He has installed an old Classic Warn winch bumper and removed the stock bumper.  While we were talking I noticed said stock bumper lying in front of his shop.  “Hey, can I borrow that bumper?   I need it to finalize the design of my shackle bracket”


I told him he is like a truck part library - loaning parts instead of books!

With a loose bumper, it was much easier to modify the bolt hole pattern in CAD to really nail the fitment.   I have been struggling with getting the right bolt hole spacing as well as overall shape to fit these just right.  The other issue is the plastic air dam.  

The stock air dam opening on these trucks require the shackle bracket to come further down and further out from truck - this adds more stress to the frame by placing a longer lever arm.  Right now, I don’t think design will be compatible with the air-dam - but still playing other design to optimize it.  We shall see!  :)