Design development for the 1981-1987 GM Shackle Bracket

Thanks for the interest in my products! 

Years ago - I decided I wanted a solid recovery point on my 1972 K5 Blazer project.  I made the first shackle brackets for my K5 on a wire EDM - they were sweet but $$$.  

Over the years and after posting a few pics on, Facebook, etc. - I began receiving requests to sell them.  In 2020, I started doing exactly that.  

With the popularity of the 67-72 shackle brackets, I made a version for the 1973-1980 GM trucks.  As soon as those launched, I began getting inquiries for the 1981-1987 GM trucks. 

As of end of Feb 2021, I am fitting 3D printed prototypes that my friend Travis (check him out on Instagram or Etsy: Travbuilds prints for me.  

It has taken me a few iterations.  I started mocking up on a 2wd 1-ton and then realized that the frame and core support mount are is slightly different than the 4x4 frame and core support mount.  With this mistake, I'm about 1-2 weeks behind from where I want to be - but catching up fast.  The version I test-fitted on Sun, 2/21 was very close - just a bit more tweaking and I should be ready to move to steel parts!

Goal is to launch the 81-87 version in March 2021!


Thanks for the interest!