81-87 Behind Bumper Winch Mount

Update: First kits will go on pre-sale this week and ship right around Aug 20th!  Check back at engineeredvintage.com this week for pre-sale details!

BLOG update:

Spent the weekend installing / removing and again installing / removing (and installing / removing) the 81-87 BBWM (Behind Bumper Winch Mount) onto my mock-up ‘86 Suburban frame as well as my friend's '85 K20, that he kindly let me borrow.  

I also met Matt and looked at his sweet 5.3L powered CUCV - to see how the BBWM would fit on a CUCV - thanks again Matt!   

As for the BBWM - I'm pretty proud of this kit. 

Similar to the 67-72 BBWM, this kit is (nearly) bolt-in and allows two different mounting configurations with the same kit.  And just like the 67-72 BBWM, you can change it up at any time!  

The kit does require drilling two 1/2” holes (one on each frame rail) through the frame and core support mount - but this juice is worth the squeeze!  When installed, this area is bolted solidly to truck through four layers of steel!  That’s a THIC mount - as my 15 year old son would say!

In the high winch mount configuration, the driver side brackets mount with 10 bolts into the frame (with option to add an 11th bolt if wanted in rear slotted hole)  

In the low winch mount configuration, the passenger side brackets mount with 7 bolts into frame (and there is option to add an 8th bolt if wanted)  

That is 17 (to 19) places that this kit mounts into frame.  Not to mention this kit also reinforces these frames, adds an additional beefy crossmember and reinforces the notorious steering box area.  Oh and it mounts a winch to boot!  :)

In other words, it attaches to the frame in more locations than any other 81-87 winch mount on the market.  Most winch mounts use the three front bumper/tow hook mount holes only.  

If you know of a stronger mount that mounts in as many locations, reinforces the steering area, and ties into the front cross-member please send me a link - I would love to see it!  

The BBWM allows you to mount your winch high in the truck frame, with winch cable exiting through the bumper OR lower in frame, with winch cable exiting under the bumper.  

The winch plate has multiple sets of holes to allow you to mount the winch more forward in the truck frame or further back.  

It also includes (2) 1/4” steel spacers and (2) 5/16” thick steel spacers to optimize fitment of the winch plate in the low mount configuration so that fairlead is at just the right location tucked under the front bumper.  

The 81-87/91 BBWM kit is compatible with aftermarket bumper mount grille guards, aftermarket grille guards that mount on the outside of the frame rails, CUCV style brush guards, CUCV style shackles (with drilling of 4 holes), and (most importantly!!) the Engineered Vintage Shackle Brackets (sold separately)

 The 81-87/91 BBWM will fit:

  • 81-87 GM trucks
  • 81-91 GM full-size K5 Blazers and Jimmys
  • 81-91 GM Suburbans
  • 81-91 GM Crew Cabs
  • 81-91 GM CUCVs (military trucks)

What winches will fit on the BBWM?

Winches with the foot-down mount style with the common 10x4.5” bolt pattern, 6x4.5” bolt pattern and/or 6.5”x4.5” bolt pattern and are 24” long or less “should” fit.  

As always, check with your winch manufacturer regarding mounting and operating your particular winch upside down.  

WARN winches fitment:

  • VR EVO series will fit
  • ZEON series will fit
  • ZEON Platinum Series will fit
  • 9.5XP will fit
  • 9.5XP-S will fit
  • 9.0RC will fit
  • XD9 will fit
  • XD9I will fit
  • M8 will fit
  • M8-S will fit
  • HS9500i will fit
  • 9.5ti will fit
  • 9.5si will fit
  • M12 will not fit
  • M15 will not fit
  • M16.5 & up will not fit
  • M8274 & older M8074 will not fit
  • Powerplant winches ("air compressor winch") will not fit
  • WARN ATV winches will not fit 

 What about other brand winches?  

I am working on compatibility list for other brand winches.   In general, if your winch has a 10x4.5” bolt pattern, a 6x4.5” bolt pattern and/or a 6.5”x4.5” bolt pattern and is 24” long or less it “should” fit.  

i have tried to mount a Warn M12 in between the frame rails.  I can’t get it to fit without cutting frame pieces off - which I’m not partial to doing!  :)

What about pricing?  
Pricing will be announced when pre-sale goes up.  

If you follow Engineered Vintage on FB or Instagram there are some answers to some of those questions and more out there!

As always, thanks for checking out the website and reach out with specific questions!