Update on 73-80 Behind Bumper Winch Mount

We did not expect the excitement around the Engineered Vintage Behind Bumper Winch Mounts (BBWM).  The 67-72 GM truck kit launched in April/May this year, and the 81-87 GM (up to '91 K5/Sub/Crew/CUCV) followed in Aug/Sept.  

Both kits have received solid feedback from customers - and both kits are hard to keep in stock!  Thank you to all the customers that are supporting these and running the most solid bolt-on winch mount kit on the market for these trucks!  No other winch mount bolts to the frame in as many places - and no other winch mount kit allows the freedom & flexibility to mount your winch in multiple locations / heights behind the bumper. 

But what about the original Square Body trucks?  When will the 73-80 GM truck BBWM be available?!?

It's coming - in December, 2021! (exact date TBD)

The 73-80 is very similar to the 81-87 BBWM design -  but make no mistake - the BBWM kits will be different.  The same BBWM kit will not fit both trucks - just like the 73-80 shackle brackets are not compatible with the 81-87 frames & vice-versa.  

Like the 81-87 BBWM kit, the 73-80 BBWM will bolt to the frame in multiple places, require drill of (1) 1/2" hole (on each frame rail) and allows for winches to mount in multiple configurations / locations behind the bumper.  

Prototype pictures of 73-80 frame brackets (ignore the Bluetooth welds!)

The 73-80 BBWM will be laser cut from 1/4" A-36 steel, and bolt to frame in 8 places on the driver side and 6 places on the passenger side.  No other kit mounts to frame in 14!!! places with grade 8 hardware.

So to summarize...

  • Strongest bolt on 73-80 winch mount kit on the market, mounts to frame in 14 places (requires drilling 2 holes)
  • Reinforces steering box and front cross-member
  • Adds additional frame cross-member to front of truck to stiffen frame on these trucks 
  • Allows for mount of up to 12K winch (requires foot-down mount style winch)
  • Allows for winch cable to exit through bumper or under bumper
  • Allows for winch to be mounted upright (Requires body-lift on truck)

Pre-sale opening soon. 

Launching in December for Christmas delivery in US