'GOAT' Bumper update

Excited to update on the Engineered Vintage 'GOAT' bumper.

If you follow us on social media - you saw our announcement recently of our upcoming launch of the 'GOAT' bumper.  We have been working diligently on a second prototype bumper recently - and are excited to share an update (with pics) of this exciting new product for Engineered Vintage.

The 'GOAT' bumper is designed with that "throw-back" look made popular by several off-road product manufacturers in the late 70s/early 80s.  Many of these bumpers can still be found on your favorite online market/classifieds - but it is often a crap-shoot whether that 40-50 year old used bumper will have the correct brackets for your truck. (whoops - my used bumper has GM brackets and I need Ford ones or vice-versa!)

Assuming you are able to get that Craigslist score to fit - how comfortable are you putting that big 12K+ winch on the front and pulling your classic truck out of a hole when it's buried to its headlights?  

The Engineered Vintage 'GOAT' bumper will address these problems!  Designed by engineers with a passion for these trucks and experience in the off-road industry.  The 'GOAT' bumper is specifically designed to fit a given model/year of truck and will be compatible with all winches on the market up to 17K capacity.  Each bumper design is fit to an actual truck and tested to make sure issues are fixed before it gets to you!  

The 'GOAT' will be compatible with Engineered Vintage Shackle Brackets as well as stock GM tow hooks - you want to run the 'GOAT' with your uber-rare '72 GM extreme bend hooks - we got you!

The 'GOAT' will mount in multiple locations to the truck - and for winches over 9K capacity - will triangulate to the frame - this helps distribute the load from the winch - especially in heavy pulls from the side of the truck.  The triangulation kit will be an accessory to the bumper - to allow you to upgrade your winch mount system over time or as budget allows

Triangulation brackets (67-72 GM shown):  

The 'GOAT' bumper will be launched in late June / early July  2022 - final pricing is TBD.

As with all of our products - it will be MADE IN THE USA and will ship from our shop in Damascus, OR

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